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"Oh my lord, what a beauteous dream" - Sisi and Vienna
At the tender age of 16 the Bavarian Princess Elizabeth, better known under her nickname Sisi, married her cousin, Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I. The newlyweds were considered a dream couple. Yet the reality was much different. When Elizabeth mar...

Dance and Ball Tradition in Vienna
Already in the 17th century the balls at the court of the Habsburg family played an important role in social life and politics as well. Following th example of the French Sun King Louis XIV those balls werde also a place where secret plots werde made...

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12th September 1683: Diary about Vienna´s Liberation from the Ottomans
12th September 1683, 5 o´clock in the morning; the place: Mount Kahlenberg. More than 70 000 soldiers of the allied army are standing by along a wide front on the hills of the Vienna Woods from Mount Kahlenberg to Mount Freimarkstein for the li...

Crazy Archdukes
Privileged by birth, second to none in rank, entiteld to fabulous fortunes, but restrained by a severe code of conduct and morals - the Archdukes and Archduchesses, the princes of the Austrian Royal House of Habsburg. But sometimes even members of ...

Death in Imperial Vienna - the Imperial Crypts
On this tour we visit St. Stephan's Cathedral, the imperial Capucine Crypt, last resting place of the Habsburg family, and the unique "Heart Crypt" at St. Augustin's, the former court church. ...

Discover the Splendour of Imperial Vienna
Walk along Vienna's most celebrated sights. See the Imperial Palace (former Residence of the Habsburgs) their beautiful Gardens, the Imperial Vault, the Spanish Riding School, the Opera House, St.Stephen’s Cathedral, which marks the very heart o...

Eros and the Habsburgs - Court Scandals
Topic: Unknown and notarious scandals and lovestories of the Imperial family are told on a walk in the Hofburg area and the close vicinity. Not suitable for children under the age of 14. The Habsburg dynasty - on the one hand focus of admiration and...

Fortifications and anecdotes of the Turkish Siege of Vienna 1683
In the summer of 1683 Vienna was besieged for two months by the superior military forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire had already fled from Vienna towards the city of Linz. This was one proof that the city was close to ...

Highlights of the Imperial Tableware and Silver Collection: Wining and Dining at the Imperial Court
One of the most interesting collections of Imperial Vienna is undisputedly the Imperial Table- and Silverware Collection. Housed in the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Silver Collection offers a fantastic insight into life at Court. On this tour, we hi...

Highlights of the Old City: Hofburg & St. Stephen's
This walk offers general information about the history and structure of the city. Explore the most elegant and fashionable streets of Vienna. Visit the main landmarks of the city: the Hofburg, over 600 years the residence of the Habsburgs, and magnif...

Music and Parades at the Imperial Court
Over the centuries parades played an important role at the court of the Habsburg family.We follow the footsteps of the lifeguard from the times of emperor Maximilian I in the 15th century to the Swiss Guard of Maria Theresia and the special guards of...

Napoleon in Vienna: Military Genius, Charming Lover
The Napoleonic Era marks the beginning of our modern world. Revolutions, reforms of the feudal system and military campaigns all over Europe led to a new European society. Leo Tolstoi describes these social and political changes in his masterpiece &q...

The children of Maria Theresia

The Imperial House of Habsburg and its Spanish Legacy in Vienna.
European history once revolved around the House of Hapsburg or the "Casa d'Austria" as it was known in the Spanish-speaking world. From the Middle Ages to the Ottoman invasion, to the Napoleonic wars and ending in World War I, Hapsburg...

The Imperial Vault of Vienna
The Viennese always set high value on grand ceremonies and celebrations, something they applied especially to funeral “performances”. The Imperial Vault houses sarcophaguses of the Habsburg being true masterpieces of sculptural art. We get to know of...

The Secrets of the Imperial Palace
History of the various buildings and stories about its residents. The buildings of the Hofburg include more than 2.600 rooms. In the course of history the residential area was continuously enlarged, each ruler left his or her traces. To understand...