Fortifications and anecdotes of the Turkish Siege of Vienna 1683

In the summer of 1683 Vienna was besieged for two months by the superior military forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire had already fled from Vienna towards the city of Linz. This was one proof that the city was close to its conquest.We see the monuments of the defenders and the historical sites of the Turkish attacks and with the help of plans, images and strategic maps you get an overview of this decisive battle at the end of the 17th century as well as its consequences for the whole Christian an Muslim world until today. The guided tour gives you an overview of the decisive two months of the Turkish Siege of Vienna in 1683. We pass the remaining fortifications and monuments and listen to anecdotes and diaries to get a living understanding of the decisions taken by the defenders as well as by the commanders of the Turkish army and the fear and hope of the Viennese people.
Meeting Point: Wien 1, Tourist Info Albertinaplatz/Maysedergasse
At the moment this tour only takes place for booked groups
Mag. Karl Zillinger
+43 699 1 922 51 03
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+43 1 922 51 03

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