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A Jewish Heritage Walk through Vienna’s Central Cemetery
A tour through the Old Jewish section of Vienna’s Central Cemetery is a walk through Vienna’s Jewish past. Acquired by the Jewish Community in 1877, the so-called Old Jewish Section at Gate 1 became the final resting place of about 80,000 Viennese Je...

Death in Imperial Vienna - the Imperial Crypts
On this tour we visit St. Stephan's Cathedral, the imperial Capucine Crypt, last resting place of the Habsburg family, and the unique "Heart Crypt" at St. Augustin's, the former court church. ...

From Plague Hospitals to Modern Clinics
This tour is a supplement of Part I and covers the period of medical history from Emperor Joseph II onwards. He was the founder of the Old General Hospital in the 9th district, traditional location of “hospitals” in the old sense, cemetaries and clin...

St. Michael’s Church. From Attic to Catacombs
Starting with a magnicicant 300 year Roof and finishing in the crypt with its 200 original coffins...

The Imperial Vault of Vienna
The Viennese always set high value on grand ceremonies and celebrations, something they applied especially to funeral “performances”. The Imperial Vault houses sarcophaguses of the Habsburg being true masterpieces of sculptural art. We get to know of...

The Viennese Central Cemetery - City of the Dead
Home to more than 300.000 graves, its own Bus line and graves of the famous, the rich and the extraordinary... Enjoy the eerie tranquility of this place. ...

Unknown Underground Vienna
Hidden away from the eyes of locals and visitors alike, Vienna boasts a labyrinth of underground passageways, historic cellars and burial crypts. Although many of them were badly damaged or destroyed in the last war or in the course of post-war re-de...