12th September 1683: Diary about Vienna┤s Liberation from the Ottomans

12th September 1683, 5 o´clock in the morning; the place: Mount Kahlenberg. More than 70 000 soldiers of the allied army are standing by along a wide front on the hills of the Vienna Woods from Mount Kahlenberg to Mount Freimarkstein for the liberation of Vienna. The relief army has three routes to liberate the city of Vienna: via Dornbach, Hernals or Nussberg. At the same time grand vizier Kara Mustafa had the last sconces for the defenses of tjhis army built, the "Turkish Sconce" in Gersthof is the central place of his defense. Will the liberation of Vienna be successful? This walking tour, combined with a bus ride to Mount Kahlenberg, follows in the footsteps of the allied army, showing monuments and memories, from the Mount Kahlenberg to Türkenschanz Park, from Vienna´s suburbs to its centre: discover the 10 hour long liberation of Vienna on September 12th 1683.
Meeting Point: 1., Tourist-Info, Albertina square corner Maysedergasse
At the moment this tour only takes place for booked groups
Mag. Karl Zillinger
+43 699 1 922 51 03
+43 1 922 51 03
+43 1 922 51 03

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