Mag. Karl Zillinger
Follow me on the footsteps of the emperors of the Habsburg family, noblemen and the citizens of Vienna. Discover the narrow streets of the medieval city and the unknown Vienna. As a historian and teacher I explain history, art and music considering all aspects of politics, religions, economics and social affairs. Each guided tour lets you feel the atmosphere of the old medieval city or the antique Roman town Vindobona or the multiethnic melting pot of the capital of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Such a guided tour with my typical Viennese sense of humour and my anecdotes is a unique experience for your stay in Vienna - for adults as well as for children and seniors. I am looking forward to seeing you at my next guided tour. See you soon!

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The following tours are scheduled (public):

Architectur, Art and Politics of the Jesuit Order in Vienna
The architecture of the Society of Jesus influenced the Baroque architecture of the city of Vienna. This walking tour shows you the influence of the jesuits in the 17th and 18th century on the fields of science, social life and art. The visit of the ...

All other tours can only be privately booked:
The New Beethoven Path in Vienna
In the course of his life Ludwig van Beethoven changed his domicile in and around Vienna more than 30 times. We visit on this city walk the only domicile Beethovens on the left bank of the Danube in Jedlesee, a part of today´s 21st district. F...

Dance and Ball Tradition in Vienna
Already in the 17th century the balls at the court of the Habsburg family played an important role in social life and politics as well. Following th example of the French Sun King Louis XIV those balls werde also a place where secret plots werde made...

Sport and Soccer tradition in Vienna: from roman times to present days
The sport and soccer tradition in Vienna starts with the foundation of the famous Viennese teams like Rapid Vienna, Austria, Vienna more than 100 hundred years ago. The cultural phenomenon soccer goes back in Vienna to roman and medieval times. The r...

The fortified Vienna: remaining bastions, secret corrridors and anecdotes of the sieges of Vienna along the river Vienna and Danube
Vienna has been surrounded more than 600 years by bastions and walls. This walking tour shows you the remaining walls and the construction of palaces and gardens along the former fortifications along the Vienna and Danube river. We follow monuments a...

Fortifications and anecdotes of the Turkish Siege of Vienna 1683
In the summer of 1683 Vienna was besieged for two months by the superior military forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire had already fled from Vienna towards the city of Linz. This was one proof that the city was close to ...

12th September 1683: Diary about Vienna´s Liberation from the Ottomans
12th September 1683, 5 o´clock in the morning; the place: Mount Kahlenberg. More than 70 000 soldiers of the allied army are standing by along a wide front on the hills of the Vienna Woods from Mount Kahlenberg to Mount Freimarkstein for the li...

Music and Parades at the Imperial Court
Over the centuries parades played an important role at the court of the Habsburg family.We follow the footsteps of the lifeguard from the times of emperor Maximilian I in the 15th century to the Swiss Guard of Maria Theresia and the special guards of...

Napoleon in Vienna: Military Genius, Charming Lover
The Napoleonic Era marks the beginning of our modern world. Revolutions, reforms of the feudal system and military campaigns all over Europe led to a new European society. Leo Tolstoi describes these social and political changes in his masterpiece &q...

Vienna’s „Naschmarkt“: Art, Culture and Savoir Vivre in one of Vienna’s most trendy neighbourhoods
What Covent Garden used to be for London and Les Halles for Paris, Naschmarkt still is for Vienna. It not only offers a wide range of traditional local and international produce but also reflects the multi-ethnic pattern of Vienna. Often threatened b...