DDr. Anna Ehrlich
Anna Ehrlich is a wellknown historian and author of books about Vienna's and Austria's culture and the Habsburg dinasty ("Sceptre and Rose" = a novel about Emperor Rudolph II), "On the Traces of Josephine Mutzenbacher" (including Court Scandals and Vienna's History of Prostitution), "Witchcraft, Murder, Hangmen" (History of Death Penalty in Austria from the very beginning until 1968), "Surgeons, Physicians, Charlatans - Medicine in Austria". She has worked out a lot of thrilling tours for you, all of them can be booked as private tours by individuals, groups and school-classes. More informations you will find on her site Vienna Tours. Please contact her by mail: office@wienfuehrung.at

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The following tours are scheduled (public):
All other tours can only be privately booked:

Eros and the Habsburgs - Court Scandals
Topic: Unknown and notarious scandals and lovestories of the Imperial family are told on a walk in the Hofburg area and the close vicinity. Not suitable for children under the age of 14. The Habsburg dynasty - on the one hand focus of admiration and...

Young Hitler in Vienna
Vienna around 1900 was a city full of arts, music and diverse political opinions. Old Franz Joseph still ruled here over the multicultural population of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Young Hitler moved to the capital in February 1908 to attend the Aca...

The Secrets of the Imperial Palace
History of the various buildings and stories about its residents. The buildings of the Hofburg include more than 2.600 rooms. In the course of history the residential area was continuously enlarged, each ruler left his or her traces. To understand...

Murder, Witchcraft, Hangmen - Justitia Viennensis
History of Criminal Justice. A Walk through the Old City with Pictures. For school-classes an easier version is offered. The Monument against War and Fascism drastically demonstrates that there were times when justice has been in service of injusti...

Walking through Old Vienna – get acquainted with the soul of the City
The most beautiful spots of the old parts of the city. Stories and legends which enable an amusing insight. Vienna at its best: the multicultural tradition of the city. In a humorous way you will be informed about the roots and the mentality of t...

From Empire to Reich
From Holy Empire to Reich: on-the-spot report. Find the scenes of Vienna's history from Napoleon's capture to Adolf Hitler's 'Anschluss'. Learn about Metternich and the Congress of Vienna. Get an impression of the revolut...

On the Traces of Joseph Haydn
Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809) spent almost twenty years of his life in Vienna. Here, he started his musical career as a choir boy at St. Stephen’s Cathedral (in which he also got married); here, he established himself as an artist; and here, he returne...

Barbers, Physicians, Quack-Doctors
History of Medicine Part I: The subject of the walking tour is the history of the old medical science in Vienna Language: German. Available as private tour in English, French, Italian and Spanish. The book (in German) by Anna Ehrlich on the ab...

From Plague Hospitals to Modern Clinics
This tour is a supplement of Part I and covers the period of medical history from Emperor Joseph II onwards. He was the founder of the Old General Hospital in the 9th district, traditional location of “hospitals” in the old sense, cemetaries and clin...

Karl Lueger & Gustav Mahler - the antipodes of Vienna's Society
The actuel city walk of Wienfuehrung is dedicated to Gustav Mahler on the occasion of his 150th anniversary and to Karl Lueger whose 100. day of death we`re remembering. Their characters were entirely different. First we speak about Mahler`s vocatio...