Dr. Brigitte Timmermann
Brigitte, graduate historian, lecturer and author, is a well-known and respected RED-BADGE AUSTRIA GUIDE and has developed a reputation for providing an exciting experience of Vienna to those who have joined her historic walks and talks. Coming from a teaching background, she has that special enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge and love for Vienna with others. She is also internationally recognised as the leading Vienna-based authority on the celebrated Graham Greene/Carol Reed movie-classic, THE THIRD MAN shot in Vienna 1948. Her special all-year THIRD MAN walking tour is recommended by all major guide books of Vienna and has made the day for film-buffs from all over the world for years. Her book "THE THIRD MAN'S VIENNA - CELEBRATING A FILM CLASSIC" was launched in September 2005 and can be ordered on-line: www.shippenrock.com Amongst Brigitte's many other special interest tours are Jewish Vienna and architecture & design. She will be pleased to accompany you on a city sightseeing tour, a scheduled or customised walking tour of Vienna (on and off the beaten track!), also beyond the city limits to Prague, Budapest or other places of interest within the boundaries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. She also gives illustrated talks & presentations on Austrian and Central European history and art-history in English For more info: www.viennawalks.com

Tel.:+43 1 774 89 01

The following tours are scheduled (public):

Vienna in the Footsteps of the Third Man
The quintessential tour for film buffs! More than 60 years after his death in the sewers of Vienna, Orson Welles's Harry Lime still haunts the city. The scars of the war have long disappeared but almost all the locations of Carol Reed's ...

Napoleon in Vienna: Military Genius, Charming Lover
The Napoleonic Era marks the beginning of our modern world. Revolutions, reforms of the feudal system and military campaigns all over Europe led to a new European society. Leo Tolstoi describes these social and political changes in his masterpiece &q...

Vienna’s „Naschmarkt“: Art, Culture and Savoir Vivre in one of Vienna’s most trendy neighbourhoods
What Covent Garden used to be for London and Les Halles for Paris, Naschmarkt still is for Vienna. It not only offers a wide range of traditional local and international produce but also reflects the multi-ethnic pattern of Vienna. Often threatened b...

All other tours can only be privately booked:
Unknown Underground Vienna
Hidden away from the eyes of locals and visitors alike, Vienna boasts a labyrinth of underground passageways, historic cellars and burial crypts. Although many of them were badly damaged or destroyed in the last war or in the course of post-war re-de...

Jewish Vienna in the Maelstrom of History
There have been Jewish communities in Vienna on and off since the 13th century, times of peace, religious freedom and prosperity but also times of growing anti-Semitism, persecution, expulsion and death. This illustrated tour is intended to offer an ...

Leopoldstadt - Jewish Vienna beyond the Danube Canal
Leopoldstadt, Vienna's second district, was once the hub of Jewish life in Vienna. It boasted some of the town's finest synagogues, there was a wide array of Jewish shops, clubs, theatres and coffeehouses. The imposing Grain Exchange was a ...

Highlights of the Imperial Tableware and Silver Collection: Wining and Dining at the Imperial Court
One of the most interesting collections of Imperial Vienna is undisputedly the Imperial Table- and Silverware Collection. Housed in the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Silver Collection offers a fantastic insight into life at Court. On this tour, we hi...

Viennese Art Nouveau: Outcry against the Establishment in Art and Design
Zur Blütezeit des Wiener Jugendstils gründeten 1903 die Designer Josef Hoffmann und Kolman Moser mit dem Industriellen und Kunstmäzen Fritz Waerndorfer nach dem Vorbild des britischen Arts & Crafts Movement die Wiener Werkstät...

Death in Imperial Vienna - the Imperial Crypts
On this tour we visit St. Stephan's Cathedral, the imperial Capucine Crypt, last resting place of the Habsburg family, and the unique "Heart Crypt" at St. Augustin's, the former court church. ...

Red Vienna: Art Deco Palaces for the Proletariat
"Red Vienna" was the political experiment of Vienna's Socialist city government of the 1920s and early 1930s. It aimed at creating a model culture for the urban proletariat unrivalled worldwide. Sunshine and fresh air at last - also fo...

Deep Cellars and Baroque Vaults in Vienna's Oldest Quarter
Vienna's Old Town between the Danube Canal to the north and St. Stephen's Cathedral to the south is commonly referred to as "Greek Quarter", "Jesuit Quarter" or "Old University Quarter". It offers a myriad of h...

Jewish Vienna Past and Present
There have been Jewish communities in Vienna on and off since the 13th century, times of peace, religious freedom and prosperity but also times of growing anti-Semitism, persecution, expulsion and death. This illustrated tour offers an overview ...

Hollywood in Vienna – Vienna in Hollywood
Vienna’s imperial flair has served as a favourite movie set for many years. Wherever you look, the city is a feast for the eyes of screenwriters, film location scouts and directors, both Austrian and international. Its baroque palaces are adorned wit...

Graham Greene and 'The Third Man': Looking for Inspiration in Vienna
Graham Greene is celebrated as one of the great British authors of the 20th-century. In February 1948 he came to Vienna for the first time - to find inspirations for a screenplay that was to become one of the blockbusters of his career: The Third Man...

The River Wien - Vienna's Hidden River
Insignificant as it may seem, the River Wien (Wienfluss) has many a story to tell about the city whose name it bears. Following its course from the U-Bahn station Pilgramgasse through Naschmarkt and across Karlsplatz to the pretty Jugendstil pavilion...

A Jewish Heritage Walk through Vienna’s Central Cemetery
A tour through the Old Jewish section of Vienna’s Central Cemetery is a walk through Vienna’s Jewish past. Acquired by the Jewish Community in 1877, the so-called Old Jewish Section at Gate 1 became the final resting place of about 80,000 Viennese Je...

Mozart’s Mysterious Death – Rumors, Gossip and Murder Speculations
„The Imperial Court Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has passed away in the night of the fourth to the fifth of this month”, is how the leading paper of the day announced the death of the genius. More than two centuries later, we take you back into t...

Exploring British Connections in Vienna
This tour is British connections galore in Vienna! No matter where you go, you stumble upon English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish associations. Vienna owes her Giant Ferris Wheel to a Scotsman, the quintessential Vienna movie to an Englishman, the First ...