The Imperial House of Habsburg and its Spanish Legacy in Vienna.
European history once revolved around the House of Hapsburg or the "Casa d'Austria" as it was known in the Spanish-speaking world. From the Middle Ages to the Ottoman invasion, to the Napoleonic wars and ending in World War I, Hapsburg rulers dominated the political affairs of Europe. The Hapsburgs were Holy Roman Emperors, Emperors of Austria, kings of Bohemia and Hungary and, last not least, the sovereigns of Spain and its vast colonial empire for more than 200 years. This tour retraces their history in Vienna, emphasising in particular the period between the 16th and 18th centuries when the ties between Austria and Spain were at their closest and when Spanish court culture dominated life at the Imperial Court in Vienna. Highlight of this walk is a tour of the royal burial site below the Capuchin church
Meeting Point: 1., Neuer Markt, in front of the Royal Crypt
At the moment this tour only takes place for booked groups
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