Walking through Old Vienna – get acquainted with the soul of the City
This tour is a barrierfree tour

The most beautiful spots of the old parts of the city. Stories and legends which enable an amusing insight. Vienna at its best: the multicultural tradition of the city. In a humorous way you will be informed about the roots and the mentality of the Viennese. Old Vienna is revived - a city populated by musicians, students, Jews and monks, victorious against the sieges of theTurks and surviving the menaces of the plague. Although you might think to have covered quite a distance on your walk you will find yourself almost at the same spot where you started - the paths are tortuous. Just like on a string of pearls you will discover the most attractive picture postcard sights along your way. Hear about the manifold denominations in our city which live and practice peacefully in close vicinity to each other. The tour will make you acquainted not only with the historical developement of one of the most glorious cities of the past, but also with the charm of this mixture of a population which has preserved its 'Gemuetlichkeit' up to the present day. Attention: The regular tours are given in German. The tour can be booked as private tour in English and other languages.
Meeting Point:
Thursday, 20.April 2023 -
At the moment this tour only takes place for booked groups
Alexandra Stolba
+43 676 9181966

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