Vienna┤s Highlights and Secrets of the Habsburg┤s Crypt
This tour is a barrierfree tour
This walk offers general information about the history and structure of the city. Explore the most elegant and fashionable streets of Vienna. Visit the main landmarks of the city: the Hofburg, for over 600 years the residence of the Habsburgs, and magnificent St. Stephen's, one of the finest gothic churches in central Europe. Listen to tales about Emperor Francis Joseph and his beautiful wife, Sisi, and stories about the Habsburgs' unusual burial ceremonies, the history of the Sacher cake or the tradition of the famous Viennese coffee houses and pastry shops. At the end of the walk we will visit the imperial vault, where 150 members of the Habsburg family are buried. We will see the huge elaborate and richly decorated coffins of famous personalities, as for instance Maria Theresa, Emperor Francis Josef and his mysterious wife, Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sisi. This walk can be booked with or without the visit of the Imperial Habsburg´s Crypt.
Meeting Point: 1., Josefsplatz - in front of the monument
At the moment this tour only takes place for booked groups
Mag. G.-Maria Husa
+43 664 630 3904

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