Eros and the Habsburgs - Court Scandals
This tour is a barrierfree tour

Topic: Unknown and notarious scandals and lovestories of the Imperial family are told on a walk in the Hofburg area and the close vicinity. Not suitable for children under the age of 14. The Habsburg dynasty - on the one hand focus of admiration and most noteworthy attention, on the other without a substantial mission fenced into a golden cage with hardly any personal liberties. Still, even the Habsburgs were men and women with quite ordinary demands and desires. There were but few who were able to fulfill their pretensions. In general they were not permitted to follow their hearts but to yield to what the head of the family expected them to do. Even the Emperor and the Empress had to submit to the laws of the house. Nothing happened at the court which did not become known within 24 hours in Vienna. Gossip followed them wherever they went - be it Crown Prince Rudolph and his love affairs (with Mary Vetsera and other beauties), Archduke Ludwig Victor and his male lovers or the illegitimate children of Empress Marie Louse (the wife of Napoleon) - they were a continuous source for tittle-tattle. Not even Maria Theresia was spared. Her nuptial life and Francis Stephen' s procreative capacity were a permanent subject of discussion.
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