Dragon, Griffin, Unicorn : magical creatures at home also in Vienna
For centuries they have captured our imagination, the appear in architecture and literature - magical creatures. The Chinese have always regarded their dragons as as symbol of luck, whereas Western legends mostly consider them dangerous and harmful and since unicorns are mentioned in the Bible, people believed in their existence till the 18th century ! In our modern world today it is the novels around Harry Potter, that have made magical creatures popular once again. But are there any scientific facts behind these fabels and where can you find this creatures in Vienna today ? The answers to all this you will find by joining my "Course on magical creatures, their characteristics and habitats in Vienna". For timings pls. see below
Meeting Point: 1., Schwedenplatz opposite Mc Donald's
At the moment this tour only takes place for booked groups
Mag. Astrid Eichwalder
+43 1 9522106
+43 6991 85 22 106

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