History of Vienna in War and Post-War Times

March 1938 marked the annexation of Austria into the Third Reich. The swastika replaced the Austrian eagle. Austria seized to exist as an independent, sovereign country. From now on the fates of its people were indelibly linked with Hitlerĺs fascist state. Blinded by the hopes of a better future many had hailed the change, others had despaired. Seven years later Austria was liberated from Nazi terror. What so many had hoped for now lay buried under tons of rubble. Over 250.000 Austrians serving in the Wehrmacht had perished in action or war imprisonment, high was the death toll among civilians, the Jewish communities wiped out. Tens of thousands had fled the country. But Austria was independent again, albeit divided into four zones administered by the victorious Allies. In the eastern parts of Austria and much of Vienna the Swastika was replaced by the Soviet star. With the help of scores of photos and archive material we want to evoke the atmosphere prevailing in Vienna in the wake of World War Two.
Meeting Point: 1st district, Rotenturmstrasse / Schwedenplatz (McDonald's)
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